Cooperation Programs

Sino-Australian Tourism Management


I.Cooperative School: University of the Sunshine Coast (USC)

University of the Sunshine Coast is a comprehensive public university affiliated to the Australian Ministry of Education. It is one of the first Australian universities accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education. It is located in Sunshine Coast, a scenic resort north of Brisbane, Queensland. Founded in 1996, the school has more than 600 staff and 7500 students, including more than 1000 international students. The university's teaching staff is in the highest quality among all Australian universities. It has three schools: the School of Literature, the School of Business and the School of Science. It offers a variety of courses for students to choose from.

School website:

II.History of this educational program: Began in 2010

In 2010, Wuhan Polytechnic and Sunshine Coast University of Australia signed the Sino-US agreement for cooperation program in tourism management. The project has been approved by the Education Department of Hubei Province, and enrollment has been incorporated into the Recruitment Plan in Colleges and Universities.

III.Recruitment targets

This year’s college entrance examinees of Hubei Province studying either liberal arts or science

IV.Language requirements for admission to the University of the Sunshine Coast

At least IELTS score 6.0 with each item not less than 5.5.

V.Domestic and foreign expenses

1.The tuition fee in Wuhan Polytechnic is 16800 yuan per year.

2.American expenses: tuition and living costs are about 180,000 yuan per year.

VI.Application for going abroad

1.Application materials: university transcripts and English translation, IELTS or TOEFL transcripts, passport copies.

2.Application time: March to June or September to November each year.

3.Place of application: Room 108, Office of International Scholl, Northern Yisi Building.