Wuhan Polytechnic Foreign Teacher Recruitment

Location: Wuhan, China


1.Native English speaker, native French speaker or native Japanese speaker (From USA, UK, Canada, Australia,New Zealand,France,Swiss, Belgium,Luxembourg, Japan) under 60 years old                 

2.Photo copy of your passport(Information page)                 

3.Copy of your degree(BA degree or higher)    

4.Copy of your teaching qualification certificate or international language teaching certificate

5.At least two years teaching experience preferred (with reference letter) or hold a BA degree or above in education or language              

6.Recent medical report (valid for half a year)                 

7.Copy of your resume (detailed with month and year)                 

8.Scan of certificate of non-criminal record issued by the host country(validfor half a year)

9.For teachers already in China, a letter of recommendation from your current employer     


1.well-paid salary               

2.Reimbursement for annual flight allowance and traveling fee                 

3.Free accommodation in the foreign experts apartment

4.Reimbursement for residence permit  

5.Provide personal insurance

6.All national holidays and winter vacation,an extra two months paid summer vacation for continuing the contract                          

.CONTACT US               

If you decide to apply, please send your documents as soon as possible.                 

Department of International Relations            

463 Guanshan Avenue 430074,Hongshan District, Wuhan,China                       

Contact person: Vinnie Li