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[Students Overseas Exchange ][Highlight Program] Exchang of Sino-German Culture ----German Bad Tolz short-term Exchange


On September 28,sevenstudentslead by a teacherfrom our school returned from the exchange program to the GermanBad TolzVocational School with heavy harvest.
                                                                         Study in Germany
Bad TolzVocational School prepared a variety of teaching activitiesfor our teachers and students.

   In the classroom, the teacherlet our students understand the German favorite sports, food and German historical and cultural scenerybyarranging student introduction, question and answer sessions . Our students also learned to sing German traditional songs and feel the bold and cheerful national characteristics of the Germans.


   In the outdoor classroom, the teachers and students of the Bad Tolz Vocational School took our teachers and students to visit the hills, the Isar River, and the central streets of the town. More than 10 student representatives of the school introduced the development history of the Isar River and the small town and the historical relics of the central street to our teachers and students such as the metal tiles engraved with the names of Jews killed in World War II as objects of experimentation,thechurches and thestatues of prisoners in concentration camps ofWorld War II in front of the churches,and the60-year-old chain bakery.

    The teacher ofBad Tolz Vocational School also led our teachers and students to visit the hydroelectric power station that has been around for nearly 100 years. The students saw simple physical principles such as connectors and pressure differentials that haveproducedgreat value in real life. According to the teacherSabastine, the power supply of this power station is currently available to 100,000 households for one year.